Bryce Canyon Stargazing

The night skies have become more difficult to appreciate due to light pollution. There are few places in an urban area that you can go and catch a glimpse of those pretty lights in the sky, even so, there is so much light pollution that it floods out the stars beauty. You aren’t able to fully appreciate marvelous galactic wonders such as the Milky Way. Bryce Canyon National Park is determined to bring their visitors into the dark and help them to admire the night skies dazzling and stunning constellations and other wonders.

stargazing in bryce

Bryce Canyon National Park has some of the most stunning and captivating views of the night sky. With the Hoodoos acting as a unique frame around the starry sky. This is truly one of the best locations to go stargazing.

During the months of May-October Bryce canyon offers free astrology programs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights to teach visitors all about the stars, galaxies and constellations. Twice a month the park offers free full moon hikes, where the moon lights your way through bryce canyon!

There is also an annual astrology festival, this year it will be running June 1st-4th. Visitors from all around the world come to Bryce Canyon to the astrology festival to learn about and enjoy the fantastic views and teaching that the Park offers. Some people will even plan trips years in advance to experience the festival. To learn more about what the festival offers visit


Bryce Canyon is one of the few locations left that has such little light pollution that on a moonless night, you can see up to 7,500 stars! Even Venus and Jupiter are so bright they cast a shadow. If you’re looking to get in touch with the dark side and enjoy some spectacular views of the night sky, then Bryce Canyon should be your number one pick!

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