Summer Activities in Bryce Canyon

Every year Bryce Canyon offers an array of different activities for the whole family during the summer seasons. Most come to Bryce expecting to just hike, and maybe do some sightseeing, more often than not, they leave having done so much more than expected. There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Bryce Canyon National Park, especially in the Summer. Here is a list of some fun activities to try while in Bryce Canyon this summer:

Photo Credit: Jake on flickr

  • Fishing
    Few know that Bryce Canyon has some of the best fish game in Southern Utah. There are some really good fishing holes, rivers, and lakes to catch some good fish in! Catch an array of different fish from brook, brown and cutthroat trout all here in Bryce Canyon!
  • Horseback Riding
    One of the most fun activities to try while in Bryce would have to be horseback riding. With several different trail and length of ride options, this is definitely a must do while visiting Bryce.
  • Stargazing
    Bryce Canyon is famously known for being one of the top 10 National Parks for stargazing. This is due to the fact that there is little to no light pollution, keeping the night skies clear as ever. Enjoy viewing up to 7,500 stars from the Milky Way in just one night! With the Hoodoos framing the Milky Way’s brilliancy, you’ll be left awestruck. Make sure to visit Bryce this summer for their annual Astronomy festival!
  • ATV Tours
    Take a tour through the beautiful Ponderosa Pines, Red Rock canyons and so much more on a fun and exciting ATV. There are several different length options available for rides and this is something the entire family can enjoy.
  • Wildlife Watching
    Bryce Canyon is home to an array of different wildlife species, as well as three endangered animals like the Utah Prairie Dog. Enjoy strolling through the canyons scenic walks, and catching glimpses of chipmunks, turkeys, lizards and more!

There is so many fun things to do and try while visiting Bryce Canyon in the summer months, something for everyone to enjoy!