Spring Time in Bryce Canyon

Thor's Hammer on fire Photo Credit: Rodney Lappe on flickr

When going to Bryce Canyon National Park, the best season is spring time. You get to see the flowers bloom along with the perfect weather for a hike or a camping activity. Many visitors who have already visited the canyon say that the spring is the perfect time of the year to visit this place. Early spring is a beautiful time as you get to see the snow still covering the rock hoodoos as well as the lush greenery of the alpine forests giving life and vibrance to the beautiful Bryce Canyon Country.
The temperature during daytime ranges from about 40 to 70 degrees. However, you should still be prepared for the weather. Although spring is the perfect time to enjoy the park without having to experience the hot summer and the overwhelming crowd, you might still experience snowfall and if you happen to stay overnight, the temperature can still drop.
For the daytime temperatures, everyone can enjoy the trails. Whether you are going out on a hike or you are going to use your bicycle or even have a horseback riding experience, you are sure guaranteed to enjoy your experience. Hike through the Navajo Loop all the way down into the amphitheater or you can also go to the lower Calf Creek Falls. The Kodachrome Basin State Park is also a nice spot where you can go for the 2.9 mile Panoramic Trail. Just make sure that you ask the park rangers before hitting the backcountry.
If you are into horseback riding, there are equestrian trails that you can enjoy. There are lots of spots that give you that majestic scenery on horseback. Enjoy horseback riding as you take in the views of Thunder Mountain, Losee Canyon, Red Canyon, Paunsaug Trail and Fremont Trail.
During the spring season, most of the roads as well as the viewpoints are open. To enjoy snowshoeing and skiing, the roads to Paria viewpoints and Fairyland are open and unplowed. It is also the perfect time to enjoy the views without the huge crowds.

But apart from enjoying the light weather and avoiding the crowd, the spring season features the best scenery. Like for instance, the 18 mile rim through the park offers a great view. To experience witnessing the historic towns, go through the Scenic Byway 12.
Spring time is the perfect time to beat the heat. If you plan to visit the park during this season, make sure that you bring some layers. Bring with you hiking boots that are water-resistant and also sunscreen protection.