Plan a Trip to Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

The Zion National Park and the Bryce Canyon National Park are the two amazing places that everyone must visit once in their lifetime. Plan a trip to visit these two gorgeous and the most popular national parks in USA. If you are planning a hiking trip, then it is advisable to get permit months before your actual trip. Check with the park authorities and get the complete information about the park schedules, its closing period and etc.

It’s only two hours distance from ZNP (Zion National park) and BCNP (Bryce Canyon National park) you can explore both parks in one multi-day trip. Zion National Park is one of the best and amazing parks in USA, the marvelous place to visit and the best location to wind up all your day to day worries. The colors are outstanding, the entire park is filled with full of excitements, all age groups will have equal fun and zeal. Once you enter the park, you are in a different world and it is impossible to capture the feeling and experience in your digital camera.

Zion National Park/Springdale

Photo Credit: Josh Klina on flickr

• Plan a multi-day trip when you are visiting Zion National Park. The scenic districts of St. George Utah, and also the Springdale, Utah are perfect places to forget your tensions and worries, these areas are filled with excitements and offer incredible weather and outdoor activities.
• Enjoy mountain biking, hiking, ATVs, and horseback riding. Also, you can witness 12 unique golf courses, outstanding spas and hotels, stunning state parks, and many more.

The campgrounds in ZNP will be full, especially during summer months, it is important to find accurate information before planning a hiking trip. If you do not book your slot way before your trip you may have to face the consequences because the campgrounds will be full and it is difficult to get a campsite for yourself. Also, choose your trails according to your hiking abilities do not try challenging trails if you are new to hiking and don’t try to compete with experienced hikers.

Canyon Overlook Trail- Zion National Park

The Canyon-Overlook Trail is the most famous trails in ZNP. The trailhead is located east of the 1.1mile long tunnel. The trial leads to the carved steps, which further leads to the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. It is an easy and short trail and the hike ends at the edge of the cliff.

Angels Landing- Zion National Park

The Angles Landing trail is the most adventurous and thrilling hikes in the park. The trail runs along a narrow rock arm with rapid drop-offs on both sides of the walls. The trail ends at the lofty land, from where you can enjoy the outstanding view in every corner. It is an astounding moment for every hiker as it a challenging and a very strenuous trail in the park.

West Rim Trail – Zion National Park

The trailhead begins at the Lava Point, to reach this point you may require paid shuttle service or 2 cars. But, some hikers prefer hiking, but, again it takes the entire day to reach the point. The paved path escalates a chain of switchbacks that clinches the side of the mountain and the cool winds cause much distraction. The short zigzag part of the trail rises suddenly to Scout Guard where it detour the angels Landing spur to persist uphill to West Rim Spring or Cabin Spring.

The Narrows – Zion National Park

The Narrows is the narrowest sector of Zion Canyon. The path is surrounded with thousand feet tall walls and the river is about 20-30feet wide. It is considered as one of the famous sections in ZNP. You can observe the beauty closely by hiking along the paved path, also, elderly people can utilize wheelchair facility. This can be the most exciting and little strenuous hike.

Enjoy the beauty of the Zion National Park under the stars

Zion National Park looks amazingly beautiful during night time. If you are at the campground, then don’t forget to capture its beauty in your camera. The starry night with full moon, the sky lighting up the Zion canyon looks remarkably stunning and it is a moment to capture, and people with photographic knowledge will enjoy capturing such moments.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Photo Credit: Steve Michaels on flickr

• Bryce Canyon, the outstanding hoodoos are the creation of Mother Nature. The Bryce canyon is a natural and scenic attraction that is attracting millions of people from all over the world.
• Must-see places include BCNP, Lake Powell, CRNP (Capitol Reef National Park), AIVSP (Anasazi Indian Village State Park) and many more.
• Bryce Canyon is considered as the most wonderful Natural wonders in the world. The amphitheaters are a gorgeous sight to see.
• Hikers can have adventurous and challenging experiences as it is the excellent place for hiking, fishing, mountain biking, ATV riding, and more.

Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park are very famous parks in USA as the ancient native Indians and pioneers walked in this great land of Utah. The land is filled with huge sandstone peaks of red, pink and cream colors that are raising high into a radiant blue sky. Visit to experience their wilderness in narrow sections, observe the unique collection of animals and plants, savor the rich history, and fill your adventurous days with excitement and adventure.