Panguitch Lake Near Bryce – Beautiful Scenery and Events

Panguitch Lake is beautiful scenery that people enjoy going to for recreation. The lake is situated in the mountains approximately 16 miles to the southwest of the town of Panguitch, so it?s just a few minutes from us! Most of the time, it is used for camping, boating and fishing purposes, but it?s hard to miss the beauty of the lake as it sits atop the mountains.

There are some wonderful-looking lodges which are found along the shoreline of the lake. This offers some great opportunities for people who would like to enjoy having their own recreational property. This is a cabin located at the mountains which is located just at the edge of the lake where you have the view of the lake.

Location of Panguitch Lake in Relation to Bryce Canyon

The green and beautiful forest that surrounds the lake is just right on the shoreline in some of the areas. It is located 8217 above the sea level and the summer temperatures are usually really cool. The lake is just below the Brain Head Peak, and is a short drive from the Brian Head Ski Resort and a few minutes? drive from the Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Bryce Canyon National Park. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to go from Bryce to Panguitch Lake. You’ll take Highway 12 west towards the town of Panguitch, and then once in town you’ll take Highway 143 towards the lake.

There are many activities beyond just fishing available at Panguitch Lake, they include:

  • Biking, Hiking, ATV trails, and Snowmobile Activities

In the forest, there are trails that could be used for hiking and biking. These trails extend to all directions. Brian Head is a well-known mountain biking attraction with some of the trails ending up at Panguitch Lake.

This is one of the edges for the snowmobile complex at Cedar Mountain. Some of the best snowmobile trails in Utah are found at this area.

  • Wildlife

Not only is scenery one of the best things here. Wildlife is also abundant at this place. For those people who use the backroads, hiking and biking trails will often see a deer, elk, foxes, hawks, eagles, coyotes and a wide variety of birds and mammals.

  • Fishing

Fishing is one of the largest attractions at Panguitch. The water temperatures are cool, and also very clear. These are the ideal conditions for trout fish to thrive. During summer, people can either ship from the shore, boats or float tubes. Also, this is one of the best places in Utah for ice fishing, it?s a very popular ice fishing location. Campgrounds and lodges are closed during winter as there are cold temperatures and huge piles of snow.

With the above activities available to be done by any tourist, you cannot get bored just when visiting Panguitch. Pack your bags and come here for fun activities and you will not regret.

Photo Credit: Jeff Turner on flickr

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