Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon

Havasupai Falls is one of the most amazing, fun and beautiful hikes that the Grand Canyon has to offer. There is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the Grand Canyon and what is has to offer as a whole. Most think of the Grand Canyon and they think of desert, steep canyons and a snaking river. Little know about these fantastic waterfalls deep in the canyon. This is the perfect adventure for friends and families that like to get outside, get dirty and get rugged. You do need to be sure to reserve your camping spot very in advance, this place can get booked very quickly.

havasupi falls

This is definitely a hike that takes some serious preparation and isn’t for people who do not like a challenge. Remember that this IS NOT a one day hike, this is a hike in and set up camp adventure. This is a 10 mile long hike, most of which is through dry desert canyon terrain. Depending on your group’s pace and endurance this hike can take anywhere from 4-8 hours. The best way to approach this trip would be to leave early in the morning and hiking through to the afternoon and setting up camp. For the hike itself you will want to bring a backpack, at least one gallon of clean drinking water, sturdy hiking boots, sunscreen, protein bars for snacking and a bag lunch.

The essentials you will need when you arrive to Havasupai Falls are going to include; a tent, a backpacking stove, camp food, a smaller backpack (for hiking around the falls and surrounding desert), sleeping bag, a swimsuit, extra clothing, and any other camping necessities that you can pack in with you.


Once you have reached this amazing desert oasis, you will will be awestruck by the beauty of the falls. Now the fun begins, cliff jumping off the falls into the water, swimming around and simply enjoying all that surrounds you. The beauty of the falls is the main attraction, the waters are a clean turquoise, Havasupai is roughly translated to “The people of the blue-green waters”. The color of the water is due to it being stored underground in limestone caverns and aquifers. The saturation of the minerals in the water with the reflection of the sunlight contribute to its intense color.

This is a photographers paradise, with so many contrasting colors and activity going on, how could it not be the perfect shot? Havasupai is by far one of the most amazing places to visit in the Grand Canyon. The hike may be rough and that may sway some from taking the challenge, but trust that if you make it through to the falls, you will not be disappointed.