Grand Canyon North Rim – Explore A Different World

Grand Canyon National Park the outstanding creation of Mother Nature, and it is one of the natural wonders of the world. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open year around. During summer months, the place is filled with visitors and the hotels will be full, you have to book in advance otherwise you have to find accommodation at some other place in Grand Canyon. However, how busy the South Rim is, North Rim has its own authenticity, it is considered as a different world, and also sometime it is called as an “other” Grand Canyon. It is not as crowded as South Rim, and it is completely unique compared to South Rim.

North Rim Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Photo Credit: Daniel H. Chui on flickr

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park offers the actual American West’s passive, rugged, scenic and spectacular place that everyone wants to explore the different world. With an eight thousand feet elevation, the North Rim of Grand Canyon offers outstanding view of the canyon, the blue spruce, mountain ash, Douglas fir, Grassland Meadows, and Colorful Lupines are some of the outstanding facets of North Rim.

Though the visitors have to follow the rigid rules, they don’t mind it following after seeing the beauty of the Canyon. This happens only between May 15th and October 15th, though it is a short period, visitors can enjoy the cool breeze of tall Ponderosa Pines, and the outstanding views and echo of the deep canyons. If you are lucky and brave enough, then you can even go for a mule ride at North Rim.

South Rim vs. North Rim:

Many debates took place on this subject, South Rim vs. North Rim, and for travel forums like, it is always a hot topic, every year they have a debate. Many people have different opinion on this subject, but one that is contributing now:

South Rim or North Rim

At website mostly, 99 percent of the time, they recommend South Rim for the visitors who are visiting for the first time. Why? Because:
• The south Rim offers large viewing area, visitors can view the beautiful, huge and colorful iconic images that make your trip the most exciting and worthy.
• Naturally South Rim of the Grand Canyon offers several facilities including beautiful accommodations, top-rated hotels, gift shops, restaurants, etc.
• North Rim of the Grand Canyon is comparatively less advertised than South Rim, obviously which makes a lot of difference. Also, if you are travelling with kids and family, then North Rim does not excite them like South Rim. At south rim, you can find several activities and facilities that definitely work well with kids and family.

But, if you are looking for more adventurous and hiking experience, then North Rim is your best choice. It offers exciting hiking, thrilling experience, amazing photography and breathtaking surroundings. Also, South Rim is always crowded and you don’t find any quiet place there, but, at North Rim you can enjoy quietness and have your moments. It offers unique facilities including campground and cabin lodges, but you need to book early if you are planning a trip to Grand Canyon. The other cities that you can explore includes Kanab at Utah, it is about 90mins from the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell at Arizona, approximately 2.5 hrs from the park and St. George, Utah takes 3hrs from North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Watch these two videos, which can help you know more about Grand Canyon.

1. Trips to Grand Canyon Rims: North, South and West
2. Grand Canyon North Rim accommodations, inside of the park and outside of the park.

North Rim or South Rim, let’s not waste time on that subject, explore both Rims and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the Grand Canyon from both South Rim and North Rim. Each Rim offers unique experience and life long memories. Visit Grand Canyon and take pleasure in nature’s creation.