Fun Things For Kids To Do – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a wonderful, fun and beautiful place to visit. Although that is a true statement, a lot more often than not, kids seem to find this place unappealing. We get it… “A big reddish canyon with a river in it” sounds cool… right? Not to a 6 year old. Well here is a list of super rad activities for the youngsters to do, so you will have an easier time selling them on the magnificence of The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon Kid Photo Credit: HeyScotE on flickr

Bus Tours

This allows children to experience the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon and learn about it while in an air conditioned bus, this is especially good for very small children who cannot keep up on most of the hikes.
Mule Rides
Take your kids on an adventure they’ll never forget and have a blast doing. Mule rides are offered at the Grand Canyon and are always super fun, especially for the little ones.

The Grand Canyon Railway

This starts at Sunset Point and ends there as well. Along this journey your kids will experience wild west shootings by actors, musicians, actresses and actors that keep the fun going and spectacular views of the Grand Canyon.

Yavapai Point

This overlook point is fairly close to the stores and lodging areas, making this a great area for children to see how big the Grand Canyon really is.

Historical Buildings & Gift Shops

This is a good opportunity for your children to learn about the history of the area as well as explore all the cool old buildings! This will help expand your children’s knowledge of the native tribes in the area. At the Visitors Center you can have your child (ages 4-14) fill out the Junior Ranger Badge booklet and earn their badge. They get to write about their Grand Canyon adventures as well!