Fishing in Bryce Canyon

Are you looking for the best spot for trout fishing? In Southern Utah, Bryce Canyon gives you one of the best fishing spots.

Man fishing

Photo Credit: Jake on flickr

Whether you want to catch rainbow, brook or cutthroat trout, the rivers are abundant with fish. You can easily get trout that measures about 8 to 14 inches along the East Fork Sevier River. If you are looking for rainbow trout, they are abundant in Tropic Reservoir. In streams and headwaters, there you can find various cutthroat trout and wild brown trout. Apart from these fishing spots, you can also find them in other fishing spots like the Crawford Creek, Robinson Canyon and Swapp Canyon.

To be successful in your fishing, you can use different techniques like natural baits, lures and flies. They work well especially if you choose the East Fork Sevier River fishing spot. The river is located 7 miles south of Scenic Highway 12 which is at the western side of Bryce Canyon National Park. It flows with an altitude of 7,800 to 8,400 ft. If you go for deep pools, the most effective technique is fly fishing.

Asay Creek

Another great spot in the area is the Asay Creek where you can find brown trout. This fishing spot is also home to mountain whitefish. Just keep in mind the fishing limits (10 whitefish and 4 trout). Aside from brown trout, you can also find rainbow trout. You can access the creek from Panguitch.

Mammoth Creek

Located near Hatch which is 15 miles south of Panguitch, this is a famous fishing spot where the stream starts to flow from Mammoth Mountain. Characterized open meadows coupled with scenic views, this gives you one of the best fishing spots as you get to enjoy the activity and the majestic landscape. You can find lots of rainbow trout as well as wild brown trout. You can also find cutthroat trout and brook.

If you are looking for whitefish and brown trout, you can find at the convergence of the Asay Creek and the Mammoth Creek. For brown trout, the best spot is the 9 mile stretch all the way to the Hatch Meadow.

Escalante River

Another great fishing spot is the Escalante River which runs through the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument where you can find a lot of brown trout in the upper side of the river. You can also find them in the mouths of streams. As the water flows to the canyons, the temperature starts to get warm which creates a perfect fishing condition for suckers. The Lower Escalante River is located 15 miles of the eastern side of Escalante. For brown trout and rainbow trout, you can find them in Antimony Creek which is accessible via a dirt road at the southern part of Antimony.

Things to Remember

Fishing is definitely a fun and at the same time, a rewarding activity. But just before you go fishing, there are important things that you need to remember. First, take the time to get more information. Learn more about fishing when you are in Bryce Canyon Country. Familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts while you are inside the premises. Prepare all of the things you need to bring and you are ready to go.