What and Where is a Hoodoo?

Throughout the world, there are many awe-inspiring structures that attract tourists from everywhere. From the Great Wall of China to the Pyramids of Giza, there are so many incredible things to be seen across the world. These structures and many others of interest, however, were manmade. While that does not take away from their beauty, it does make one wonder what kind of beauty Mother Nature herself could create if left to her own devices.
The answer to ...
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Boulder Mountain – Beauty And Fun!

Utah is well-known among locals and foreign tourists for its amazing natural scenery. Among these is the Boulder Mountain. Also called as Utah’s Aquarius Plateau, it is included in the high plateaus section soaring about 11,000 ft. high and expanding 90 mi. long. It goes from north to south making it looking a reverse S covering about 900 sq. mi. With its reach, Boulder Mountain is considered to be the biggest and highest plateau that you can find near Bryce ...

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Biking in Bryce

biking-bryceThere are many places in Bryce Canyon to ride a bike and to get that exhilarating feeling of speeding through nature’s brilliant, colorful, and stunning landscapes. Bryce Canyon offers plenty of bike trails for you to conquer. Here is a list of a few places to take that bike out on.

Technically there is only one path within the park and ...

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Hiking Tips

There is a lot to see here in Southern Utah. Of course we offer horseback rides, but we get asked a lot of questions from our guests on what else there is to see and do. Hiking it usually the top activity. We have put together some tips for you the help you get the most out of your hike and keep you safe.

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