Camping in Bryce Canyon National Park

Apart from hiking, tourists can enjoy camping at Bryce Canyon National Park. Pull an RV up or you can also pitch a tent at one of the various camping stations.

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When you go to Bryce Canyon Park, there are two campgrounds that are located near the Bryce Canyon Lodge, the Bryce Amphitheater and the visitor center, the North and the Sunset Campgrounds. What is nice with these campgrounds is that it offers facilities like restrooms and drinking water. If you happen to camp during summer season, there are shower facilities to cool you down and laundry machines that are coin-operated. For RV users, there is a fee to use dump station located at the southern part of the North Campground.
When camping, you can enjoy the majestic views and enjoy the sun without being too exposed as there is enough shade. Just a keep in mind that only 10 people are allowed. The cost is $15 per night/per site.
If you happen to have passes, you can enjoy discounts. Use the Senior Pass, the Access Pass and special pass to get discounts. For those who have Golden Age and Golden Access Passes, they can have up to a 50% discount.
The North Campground features 86 RV and tent sites (first-come and first-served basis). It has 13 RV sites that are available by reservation. On the other hand, the Sunset Campground features 20 tent sites as well as a group sites for reservation along with 80 RV/Tent Sites (first come first served).
The North Campground
This campground is located on the east side of the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center featuring about 99 sites and 4 loops. To cost to set up a camp is $15 per night/per site.
You can just reserve and choose among the 13 different recreational vehicles. For 2016, the reservation dates run from May 6 to September 25. To reserve, you can call their hotline number (877) 444-6777 or you can also access their website You can make a reservation from 6 months up to 2 days. The rest of the sites are first-come and first-served basis.
The North Campground is close the general store. For tent campers, you can go to the Loops C and D and Loops A and B are allotted for RV campers.
Important Reminders: There are no available water, sewer and electrical hookups. Dump stations are only available during summer located the southern part of the campground. To use this facility, you need to pay $5.
The sites and loops may not be available or open during winter due to snow and freezing temperatures.
The Sunset Campground
The other campground is at the western side of Sunset Point which is about 1.5 miles south of the park’s visitor center. It has 100 sites in three loops: A, B and C. Just like the North Campground, it is also closed during winter.
You can choose among the 20 different tent sites and make a reservation. The cost is $15 per night/per site. Loops B and C are allocated for tent campers while for RV campers, it is Loop A. What is nice with this campground is that it is close to the best trails starting and ending at the Sunset Point.
To make a reservation, you can reserve from May 6 to September 25,2016. Call the hotline (877) 444-6777 or you can also access their website for more info and details.