Boulder Mountain – Beauty And Fun!

Utah is well-known among locals and foreign tourists for its amazing natural scenery. Among these is the Boulder Mountain. Also called as Utah’s Aquarius Plateau, it is included in the high plateaus section soaring about 11,000 ft. high and expanding 90 mi. long. It goes from north to south making it looking a reverse S covering about 900 sq. mi. With its reach, Boulder Mountain is considered to be the biggest and highest plateau that you can find near Bryce Canyon.
Tourists can enjoy not just the beautiful plateau but also the nice lakes that surround it. Would you believe that there are actually 80 lakes around Boulder Mountain and these lakes are covered in lush greenery like aspen, spruce, fir and meadows. Located at the mid elevations of the plateau, you can see ponderosa pines while in lower elevations, there are juniper trees and pinyon.

Highway 12 through Boulder Mountain, Utah
Photo Credit: Kevin Shieh on flickr

Located on the eastern part of the mountain, there you get to see the Boulder and Escalante communities lying along Scenic Byway 12. Antimony Utah is located at the eastern side of Boulder Mountain while at the southwestern part, you get to see the Bryce Canyon City and National Park. In the north, there lies the Teasdale, Bicknell and Torrey communities as well as the Thousand Lakes mountain. All over the North American region, Boulder Mountain is dubbed to be the tallest timbered plateau while the Bluebell Knoll has the highest point standing at 11,328 ft.

Origins of Boulder Mountain

Many scientists say that the Boulder Mountain came into existence about 20 million years ago. Today, the Aquarius Plateau is handled by the United States Forest Service. When you are at the eastern side of the Boulder Mountain, you can see the rising Grand Staircase. Located on the northeastern side of the mountain, you can see the Capitol Reef National Park and other tourist spots like Pine Lake, Powell Point, Hell’s Backbone and Box Death Hollow Wilderness Area.

Activities to Try

In going to Boulder Mountain, you can enjoy a wide range of activities in nature. Whether you are an adventurer or a laid back traveler, this place has a lot to offer. You can simply choose which activity you want to try. For instance, if you are in it for a tough adventure, why not go for mountain biking? You can also enjoy ATV riding with family and friends. There are various dirt mountain roads giving access to the mountain. Since there are a lot of lakes surrounding the place, you can enjoy fishing different kinds of species. If you are a laid back traveler, why not set up a camp? Boulder Mountain offers various scenic spots perfect for camping. Just bring along with you all the necessary supplies that you need and identify which specific areas are designated for camping.

Boulder Mountain is a beautiful place to visit. With its natural beauty that will surely capture your eyes and the different activities that you can try, you will never get bored. This place is a must see in your vacation checklist.