Uncle Jim Trail and Uncle Jim Point

A Story For The Ages

This is quite a story. I mean honestly, how does one get a “Point” named after them? Let alone a trail (Uncle Jim Trail.) The late 1800s and the early 1900s have an awful lot of stories to tell, and this is one for the ages. Today, one can ride this trail on a well-trained mule. The most sure-footed animal on the planet, designed to take a person on an experience of a lifetime. But first ...
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Horse or Mule?

In the equine world, there are many different types of animals and breeds. Many of the animals in this family, like horses and mules, have been domesticated over thousands of years. These animals have done a lot to advance human societies and are, to this day, a very important part of many cultures. As popular as these animals are, many people don’t understand ...
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What and Where is a Hoodoo?

Throughout the world, there are many awe-inspiring structures that attract tourists from everywhere. From the Great Wall of China to the Pyramids of Giza, there are so many incredible things to be seen across the world. These structures and many others of interest, however, were manmade. While that does not take away from their beauty, it does make one wonder what kind of beauty Mother Nature herself could create if left to her own devices.
The answer to ...
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Unforgettable Canyon Rides

Canyons are large formations, created by moving bodies of water, that look like large gouges in the earth’s surface. Throughout the United States and beyond, there are many impressive canyons to be seen. The reason so many people enjoy viewing canyons is the unique landscape they offer. The exposed rock shows millions of years of rock layers, transporting visitors into the distant past. They also offer rare rock formations, like hoodoos, that seem to defy the laws of ...

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Grand Canyon North Rim – Explore A Different World

Grand Canyon National Park the outstanding creation of Mother Nature, and it is one of the natural wonders of the world. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open year around. During summer months, the place is filled with visitors and the hotels will be full, you have to book in advance otherwise you have to find accommodation at some other place in Grand Canyon. However, how busy the South Rim is, North Rim has its own authenticity, ...

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Useful Camping Tips for Vacation Camping

Who wants to go on a vacation? Should it be a comfortable hotel or maybe a camping vacation? Both alternatives have their advantages. Camping offers a high degree of individuality and freedom instead of what the mainstream vacationers get. With camping you’ll find a lot of personal freedom space. In a hotel however, the vacation experience is filled with comfort and fully furnished rooms. What type of vacation choice you choose depends very much on the personal preferences you have ...

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Plan a Trip to Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

The Zion National Park and the Bryce Canyon National Park are the two amazing places that everyone must visit once in their lifetime. Plan a trip to visit these two gorgeous and the most popular national parks in USA. If you are planning a hiking trip, then it is advisable to get permit months before your actual trip. Check with the park authorities and get the complete information about the park schedules, its closing period and etc.

It’s only ...

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Autumn In Zion

Autumn is finally here! The time of year that so many look forward to for the bright colors and spectacular views, especially in Zion National Park. This is the perfect time of year to capture the most stunning photos, enjoy mild hiking weather, and avoid all those crazy tourist crowds.

Most already know Zion for its stunning colors and dramatic scenery, but that is only boosted once fall hits. Add hues of yellow-golds, reds and oranges to the already captivating scenes ...

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Boulder Mountain – Beauty And Fun!

Utah is well-known among locals and foreign tourists for its amazing natural scenery. Among these is the Boulder Mountain. Also called as Utah’s Aquarius Plateau, it is included in the high plateaus section soaring about 11,000 ft. high and expanding 90 mi. long. It goes from north to south making it looking a reverse S covering about 900 sq. mi. With its reach, Boulder Mountain is considered to be the biggest and highest plateau that you can find near Bryce ...

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