Biking in Bryce

biking-bryceThere are many places in Bryce Canyon to ride a bike and to get that exhilarating feeling of speeding through nature’s brilliant, colorful, and stunning landscapes. Bryce Canyon offers plenty of bike trails for you to conquer. Here is a list of a few places to take that bike out on.

Technically there is only one path within the park and that is the main road which travels to Rainbow Point. This winding road travels through captivating forests and colorful meadows. It is 17 miles long and there are viewpoints all along the way where you can see the amphitheaters stunning spires, pinnacles and monuments.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Photo Credit: Niklas Tenhaef on flickr

Nearby the park there are many many trails and paths to bike.

Skunk & Badger

This is a more advanced trail that passes Tropic Reservoir, with views of red rock formations and has a beautiful view overlooking Sunset Cliffs. This ride is about an 18-mile long loop. The start is at Kings Creek Campground and you just head south from there along the west shoreline road-FR 091.

Dave’s Hollow

The entire trail is a 12-mile loop and starts at the Bryce Canyon national Park boundary sign on highway 63. Take the dirt road heading west and travel through the beautiful ponderosa pine forest and meadows. This loop connects Bryce Canyon and Tropical Reservoir.

Thunder Mountain

This trail is for the more advanced mountain bikers. There are two ways to ride this one. Most riders start at the top at Coyote Hollow Trailhead and end at the Thunder Mountain Trailhead at the bottom and there will be a shuttle waiting there. You can however start on the paved easy trail at the bottom of Red canyon, ride to the top and do it as a loop. The trail is pretty technical and winds through a steep ridge, the hoodoos, and along a narrow hogs back. Though it may be a more difficult trail, it is none the less a stunning and exciting trail to ride!

For more information on trails to bike check out the Visitors Center in Red Canyon.