Biking In The Grand Canyon

Calling all mountain bikers! If you are looking for a good ride while visiting The Grand Canyon, we have all the information for you. Although cycling and mountain biking in The Grand Canyon is limited, there are still plenty of trails and paths to ride that will leave you breathless from the stunning views.

Photo Credit: chad on flickr

The North Rim

The Grand Canyon and Kaibab National Forest have partnered to create Rainbow rim specifically for mountain bikers to enjoy. This is an 18 mile single track trail that connects five points to create one of the most memorable bike trails. The track includes Paissawampitts, Fence, Locust, Timp and North Timp. This is a fairly moderate trail ride with few climbs and drops. It takes you through the beautiful ponderosa pines, aspens and has some spectacular views of the canyon and wildlife in the area. For those looking for a more difficult ride, take the whole trail as a round trip, 36 miles all together from one end to the other. That’s a pretty gnarly full days trek.

The South Rim

This side of the canyon offers more options for bikers. There are several trails to choose from and they can be linked together as well to give you a longer ride. One of the more popular trails here is the Arizona Trail, which takes off from Grand View Outlook Tower and takes you into the Kaibab Forest and goes for 24.4 miles, you even get to ride a section of the Coconimo Rim. This is a great ride and gives you an opportunity to take the downhill ride and relax as you view the beautiful forest that surrounds you.

Road Biking

There are options for road biking, although it is very limited due to there not being any shoulders and the amount of traffic in the area. You can however ride a bike on Hermit Road since it is closed to outside vehicles from mid-March to mid-October.