Benefits of Kids Who Love The Outdoors

In this day and age with all the technology, it can seem like kids just aren’t enjoying the little things that you did as a child. They seem to not explore as much or even enjoy being outside! What a tragedy! Mother Nature is one of the most rad things that we have, and all children should experience it in some way. Give your kids the opportunity to escape the screen and enjoy the fresh air. There are so many benefits to growing up with experience of the outdoors. Here are a few reasons that getting your kids to love the outdoors is beneficial for them.

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Photo Credit: carlosbezz on flickr

Survival Skills

What happens when children don’t have basic survival skills in the outdoors and something happens to where that is a necessity? They ultimately fail in the wild. Teach your kids basic skills like how to start a fire, what plants to stay away from, hunting, etc. The outdoors are fun and exciting, but not knowing how to take on the wild can be dangerous, give them the upper hand by teaching them how to survive.

Vitamin D

Sunshine! Vitamin D is a good way to help kids with depression, or just a gloomy mood. Being locked up inside all day can cause depression in a lot of children. Get the out in the fresh air and let them bask in the sun to help them boost their mood!


Growing up, do you want your children to look back and have only memories of xbox games and tweets from Twitter? Or do you want them to remember beautiful hikes, camping with their loved ones, horseback rides through captivating forests, and more! Getting the kids outdoors will create some of the most cherish-able memories for them, something that they’ll never find online.

Health And Fitness

Getting the kids outdoors and hiking, swimming, etc. helps their bodies too! They’re building endurance and strength. Keeping children active is one of the main keys in ensuring them a happy and healthy future.

There are many more reasons to get the kids outdoors, especially this time of year. So put the phones, tablets, games and laptops away and take a trip to the mountains and enjoy being with your loved ones in the beauty of mother nature.