Autumn In Zion

Autumn is finally here! The time of year that so many look forward to for the bright colors and spectacular views, especially in Zion National Park. This is the perfect time of year to capture the most stunning photos, enjoy mild hiking weather, and avoid all those crazy tourist crowds.

Most already know Zion for its stunning colors and dramatic scenery, but that is only boosted once fall hits. Add hues of yellow-golds, reds and oranges to the already captivating scenes and you’ve got yourself one jaw dropping view.

Zion National Park
Photo Credit: Darren Mitchell on flickr

If you get lucky enough to visit Zion in the fall during a rainstorm, get your camera ready to capture some amazing shots of waterfalls that carry down with the colorful leaves and are framed by turning trees, the misty fog and red tinted cliffs. There really is not a sight that is much more dramatic and amazing to see as an autumn rainstorm in Zion.

Take a hike up to Observation Point to get the best views of the park and foliage, this is where you will find most photographers. It will be like looking out over a life sized painting. Absolutely stunning. If you are up for a bit of a tougher challenge, take on Angels Landing. You will not be disappointed once you reach the top.

Many people enjoy camping in Zion around this time of year as it offers warmer days, and cooler nights. Perfect for early morning fire roasted coffee and late night marshmallow roasting over an open fire.

Really no matter what you are planning to do in Zion in the fall whether its just a quick drive, hike or camping you will not be disappointed with the views. This really is, without a doubt, the best time of year to visit the park and capture some amazing scenery.