A Story of Hooves

A Ride Through the Hoodoos

Ebenezer Bryce (November 17, 1830 – September 26, 1913), an early Mormon convert and pioneer settler described Bryce Canyon as a “hell of a place to lose a cow.” Today this hell place attracts close to two million visitors each year. The jaw-dropping hoodoos of Bryce Canyon carved over millennia by the elements have inspired generations of art and photography. Sandstone is susceptible to iron oxide (rust) turning the spires into dramatic hues of red, orange with hints of purple (manganese) which adds to the spectacle over time.
Riding through the hoodoos on a confident horse or a sure-footed mule is to see the rocks, amphitheaters, trails, vistas, buttes, and landscape views the way they were viewed by the pioneers and the Native Americans centuries past. If you are up for a great adventure let us recommend Canyon Trail Rides. But don’t take it from me, here are some reviews from some real customers.

What They Have to Say About Us

These reviews come from a few of the 100s of satisfied customers who have chosen to ride horse and mule for their Byrce Canyon experience. We found these reviews on Yelp and we encourage you to read the reviews of Canyon Trail Rides as they will help you get excited about your trail ride through Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon.

Willow said:
“This is my 4th time taking a friend on this ride.  Today we had Cornell who claimed to have only been working 6weeks but he’s great, like a pro,  he knew all the scenery and all the landmarks (Jokes too). Doesn’t hurt that he’s cute. I was a trail guide for years and this guy was delightful.  He checked in with everyone well,  watched his group,  and made accommodations for newer riders. The ride is beautiful,  the horses are healthy and treated well.  Those are my criteria to ride with a stable and I would definitely recommend this company to new and experienced riders. Great value and always a fun time. If I ever lose my job I’m coming to work here!
LC said:
“Amazing 2 hour adventure. We took our 7-year-old and 11-year old, and the guides were so funny and kind to the kids. I really appreciate the extra care they took to make our kids feel comfortable. My daughter loved it so much that we returned on another day to do the 2-hour trail ride a second time. The scenery was so beautiful and it is really a different vantage point riding down, instead of looking over the top or hiking down (more onerous for kids since you have to hike back up). What a wonderful memory–I have never seen anything quite like the hoodoos, and the kids could not stop talking about it. Also–the guide kept up a steady banter with our kids, making them laugh and repeat the jokes for days and helped them feel very comfortable during their first riding experience. I was initially a little nervous but forgot about it after a few minutes because the ride was so stunning. We hung up the keepsake photos they took for us in our house! I would say this is one of the best things to do on a trip to Bryce Canyon. Highly recommend.”
And finally, Lauren said:
 “My husband and I visited Bryce Canyon as part of our honeymoon road trip. We only allotted one full day to Bryce Canyon so we booked the Mule/Horse Rides and boy was it worth it! Our guide’s name was Eddy and he was wonderful! We did the 1/2 day (3 hour) trip that left at 1pm and it was the perfect amount of time to see everything Bryce is known for and has to offer. We pre-booked our rides but I’ve heard you can try to join a ride the day of if they have availability. Half way through your ride the group stops for water and a stretch break and then back to the saddles you go! The views are breath taking and you feel like your in a movie. Some parts of the trail do have drop-offs so be ready for that, but certainly, trust your animals! They’ve been doing it for years and walk where they feel comfortable, even if that is close to the edge! I would hands down recommend this to anyone!! :)”

National Park Guidelines

The National Park Service website has strict guidelines for riding horses and mules in the national park. The instructions are strict. The animals can only be fed from certified weed-free sources, there is no overnight camping with stock animals within the park, and the animals must stay on designated trails. The rangers are vigilant in upholding these guidelines to maintain the integrity of the park. Companies like www.canyonrides.com understand all of the regulations, and they follow the directions and maintain park rules and regulations.

Lifetime Memory

The guides are trained professionals who understand the landscape you will be traversing. The stories will stay with you for a lifetime. The education will ignite your mind for the rest of your life. See you on the trail!