Autumn In Zion

Autumn is finally here! The time of year that so many look forward to for the bright colors and spectacular views, especially in Zion National Park. This is the perfect time of year to capture the most stunning photos, enjoy mild hiking weather, and avoid all those crazy tourist crowds.

Most already know Zion for its stunning colors and dramatic scenery, but that is only boosted once fall hits. Add hues of yellow-golds, reds and oranges to the already captivating scenes ...

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Boulder Mountain – Beauty And Fun!

Utah is well-known among locals and foreign tourists for its amazing natural scenery. Among these is the Boulder Mountain. Also called as Utah’s Aquarius Plateau, it is included in the high plateaus section soaring about 11,000 ft. high and expanding 90 mi. long. It goes from north to south making it looking a reverse S covering about 900 sq. mi. With its reach, Boulder Mountain is considered to be the biggest and highest plateau that you can find near Bryce ...

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Dixie National Forest Campsites

King Creek is a popular campground which is 9 miles away from Bryce Canyon and ahead of Tropic Reservoir. The campground has 37 campsites where you can see the ponderosa pine forest. King Creek has tent pads, fire pits and tables for picnics. When you go to the campground, you have to travel through a gravel road. The campsites have paved areas. This campground is perfect as it is located near the Chimney Rock Trails and King Creek. Choosing this ...

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Biking In The Grand Canyon

Calling all mountain bikers! If you are looking for a good ride while visiting The Grand Canyon, we have all the information for you. Although cycling and mountain biking in The Grand Canyon is limited, there are still plenty of trails and paths to ride that will leave you breathless from the stunning views.

Photo Credit: chad on flickr

The North Rim

The Grand Canyon and Kaibab National Forest have partnered to create ...

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Benefits of Kids Who Love The Outdoors

In this day and age with all the technology, it can seem like kids just aren’t enjoying the little things that you did as a child. They seem to not explore as much or even enjoy being outside! What a tragedy! Mother Nature is one of the most rad things that we have, and all children should experience it in some way. Give your kids the opportunity to escape the screen and enjoy the fresh air. There are so many ...

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Fun Things For Kids To Do – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a wonderful, fun and beautiful place to visit. Although that is a true statement, a lot more often than not, kids seem to find this place unappealing. We get it… “A big reddish canyon with a river in it” sounds cool… right? Not to a 6 year old. Well here is a list of super rad activities for the youngsters to do, so you will have an easier time selling them on the magnificence of The ...

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Family Hikes in Zion National Park

Alissa 2Photo Credit: cwillayne on flickr

For families who want to spend quality time and bond with each other, Zion National Park is the perfect vacation getaway. There are a lot of activities that parents can do with their children. There are favorite family hikes that tourists can enjoy in the park.
Before anything else, the first stop is the Visitor Center. This is where the shuttle starts and before your hike, you ...

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Fishing in Bryce Canyon

Are you looking for the best spot for trout fishing? In Southern Utah, Bryce Canyon gives you one of the best fishing spots.

Man Fishing Photo Credit: Todd Klassy on flickr

Whether you want to catch rainbow, brook or cutthroat trout, the rivers are abundant with fish. You can easily get trout that measures about 8 to 14 inches along the East Fork Sevier River. If you are looking for rainbow trout, they ...

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Summer Activities in Bryce Canyon

Every year Bryce Canyon offers an array of different activities for the whole family during the summer seasons. Most come to Bryce expecting to just hike, and maybe do some sightseeing, more often than not, they leave having done so much more than expected. There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Bryce Canyon National Park, especially in the Summer. Here is a list of some fun activities to try while in Bryce Canyon this ...

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Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon

Havasupai Falls is one of the most amazing, fun and beautiful hikes that the Grand Canyon has to offer. There is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the Grand Canyon and what is has to offer as a whole. Most think of the Grand Canyon and they think of desert, steep canyons and a snaking river. Little know about these fantastic waterfalls deep in the canyon. This is the perfect adventure for friends and families that like to ...

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